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(2019) Disney+

I worked as an Animator in the hit Disney+ series 'The Mandalorian'. I played a key role in bringing many of the computer generated characters to life on screen. For this project I was responsible for animating the characters against a live-action plate in order to create a realistic performance and movement, as well as believable interaction with the live-action world. 

This series went on to win several awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects 

Software: Maya, Shotgun



(2019) CBS All Access 

I worked as a Digital Animator for CBS All Access' "Star Trek: Short Treks". For this project I was responsible for bringing the storyboards to life in 3D. I played a crucial role in both previsualization animation and final animation for this short. 

This series went on to be nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series 

Software: Maya, Shotgun

Password: tiffanys_backtofront_2018

Password: tiffanys_backtofront_2018


(2018) Ringling College of Art and Design

'Tiffanys' is my short film produced at Ringling College of Art & Design. For this project I worked as a co-director to develop an original story about a planet conquering alien who mistakes a high school queen Bee as queen of Earth, into a 5 minute CG animated short.

I had a hand in every step of the production of this short. From idea generation, to storyboarding, to final editing of the film. I worked as the Head of Animation where I spearheaded the overall animation art direction, oversaw my partners work and made final animation decisions in order to reach our visual goal. 

This project went on to win several awards both nationally and internationally. 


Software: Maya, Arnold, Nuke X, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Photoshop, Premiere 


'Tiffanys' (2018)

This is a color script that I was tasked with creating for the short. It was used as a guide for lighting the film and shows the progression of tone throughout the sequences.   

Software: Photoshop, Nuke

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'This is a personal project I tackled. I wanted to challenge my lighting and compositing skills by integrating a CG element into a live action video. 

I was responsible for all aspects of this project, from filming the initial video, camera tracking, creating the HDRI, lighting the food truck and compositing it all in Nuke.  

Software: Maya, Arnold, Nuke X, Photoshop

Hardware: Canon 6D

Food Truck model by Shreeya Shetye

Food Truck textures by Sean Esser


(2017) Ringling College of Art and Design

This was an assignment at Ringling where we were tasked with creating a 3D self-caricature. One of my all-time favorite anime series is Dragon Ball so I thought it would be fun to play with the idea of putting myself into that world. Here I play a grocery store cashier who is a bit too invested in the hunt for the seven Dragon Balls. 

I was responsible for all aspects of this project but focused on the compositing and layout of the first half of it in order to really get that anime feeling. 

Software: Maya, Renderman, Nuke, ZBrush, Photoshop, Premiere. 

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